Economic Business Solutions (EBS) was Economic Destinations initial enterprise that dealt with business consulting to private, public, and government agencies in developing per-forma statements, business plans and business launch(s) of new products, machinery and development of tourist attractions; hence destinations/location for economic activity.

Ardington Grinder Products, a partner company, was a result of EBS’s involvement in providing business solutions to a small manufacturing company and taking their products to market world-wide. This in turn provides EBS with the opportunity to participate and conduct research and development of agricultural/machinery within Ardington’s framework.

International Turfgrass Training Institute is a unique partnership with Economic Destinations being the lead principal. This is an ongoing association of a number of individuals that previously worked with Fairview College’s Turfgrass Management Program in Fairview, Alberta Canada. The Institute conducts agricultural research and development and does customized training for recreation and parks departments, golf courses and other turfgrass related destinations.

Parks and Sportsfield Constructors (PSC) is a standalone company of ED’s that plans, designs, constructs and manages recreation and park destinations. Such destinations are community, regional/municipal, and provincial park areas; sportsfields, golf course renovation and pond/lake developments. PSC’s specialty is in baseball field construction.