Economic Business Solutions

Economic Business Solutions (EBS) is a business consulting firm that directly assists clients in developing destinations (places) of economic importance. This economic development includes the identification of potential enterprises/businesses to the actual project planning, development and management of the business enterprise.

EBS a subsidiary of parent company Economic Destinations over the past twenty years has developed an interdisciplinary approach to the development of business enterprises. This interdisciplinary approach is a seamless transition of project development from conception; feasibility studies, pro-forma statements, business plans, product launches, trade-marks/patent searches to actual physical construction and project management.

Economic Destinations has a history of working closely with its clients in realizing full benefit of our experience and accomplishments in the following areas of expertise:

Services Offered


  • Social Economic Impact Studies
  • Feasibility Studies

Business Planning

  • Business Feasibility Studies
  • Pro-Forma Statements
  • Business Plans
  • Product Re-Launch
  • Trademark – Patent Search(s)